We all feel sleepy at work. From the Senior VP, to the CEO, to the developer, to the analyst, to the tele-caller, to the sweeper, all feel sleepy at some point of time. There is no denying that. We are human beings after all not machines.

Even machines need time to cool off when they run for a long time.

But the fact is that we cannot afford to doze off at work. We might work a lot during the day but the manager will spot you only when you doze off.

So here are few mantras you sleepy lad. And no, there’s no coffee involved.

1. Walk away

Studies have proven that a 20 second walk drives away all your drowsiness. Take some time off, walk around the floor, catch someone else dozing and return to your seat. It will do wonders.

2. Stretch your limits

If you can’t afford to get up, stretch those arms up to the sky. Take your seat back and extend your legs and body. It helps increase blood flow and pleases your manager.

3. For your eyes only

Take your eyes off your PC/laptop. Too much of eyeing the system leads to tired eyes which ultimately makes you very sleepy. Distract yourself from the screen and look far away in the distance for a few seconds till you regain your active state.

4. Music …Boom Boom Pow!

Put on the headphones and some good music. By good music we do not mean Beethoven’s seventh symphony( it can act as a lullaby ). Something with a good tempo which will help increase your concentration. So, Just Beat it.

5. Talk to a colleague

You have always eyed your crush silently from the shadows. Now that you need to save your job, it would be a good time to talk to him/her. He/She will violently reject you and possibly scream at you which will drive all your drowsiness away.

6. H2O

Nothing helps more than water. Take a walk to the cooler and sip a glass of water slowly. Don’t dunk it as if it were your last shot of Tequila. Water helps in rejuvenating your senses and will keep you awake.

7. Icy cold Water

If drinking water does not work, splash some cold water to your face. Trust us, it is an absolutely perfect solution to stay awake. Splash your face with plenty of water at least 3 to 4 times. You will feel as fresh as a chimpanzee who has seen a banana.

Business photo created by luis_molinero – www.freepik.com