Food!…your first and foremost love. What would the world have been without beautiful, stunning, delicious dishes ? Imagine if the entire population followed a single cuisine..Life would have been so much boring. The world hosts hundreds of unique cuisines and each cuisine has thousands of different dishes. Some of them are ordinary while some are truly amazing. Let’s have a look at the amazing ones.

Tiramisu – Italian


Tiramisu in Italian, literally means ‘pick me up’ and you must be crazy not to pick this beauty up. Spongy lady fingers layered with egg whites, sugar and mascarpone cheese along with a coffee plus cocoa flavouring, this is a delicacy to die for.

Tiramisu is a dessert delicacy , yet we have it our list of delicious dishes because there are tastier versions too in which the flavouring is done with spices and lady fingers are substituted with meat or veggies.

But nothing beats the original.

Croque Monsieur / Croque Madame – French

 Croque Monsieur / Croque-Madame - French -delicious-dishes-in-the-world

In French Monsieur stands for a male honorific and Madame for a female as you might have already guessed. The Croque Monsieur is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, but not your normal one.

It requires a great deal of patience and sophistication to prepare. The bread is initially basted in butter or can be grilled till brown, then it is dipped in a mixture of egg whites and finally baked in the oven with the ham filling inside. A Croque Monsieur with an egg on top is called a Croque Madame…interesting right .?

Tom Kha Gai – Thai

  Tom Kha Gai

Not everyone is a fan of Thai cuisine. On the first glance the food does not look very appetizing. Majority of them would just go to a Thai restaurant and order a hamburger. What they are missing on is a brilliant blend of spices and condiments to create a magical dish called Tom Kha Gai. A sour and spicy soup made of coconut milk, shitake mushrooms, chicken, fish sauce, Thai peppers and chillies. Rich, creamy and absolutely delicious when made right. It is a simple looking yet intricately flavoured dish.

Paella – Spanish

Paella – Spanish - delicious-dishes-in-the-world

Spanish cuisine is loved all over the world. It is hot, spicy and sexy just like their ladies. One of their iconic dishes which is still not well known to the world is the Paella. The Paella is a Valencian delicacy made of a white rice base filled with different meats, beans or seafood. The rice is generally cooked with rosemary, paprika and saffron to provide it its unique texture and flavour. Do not miss out on Paella if you ever visit Valencia.

Biryani – Indian


Indian cuisine is said to be life changing. They say once you try Indian there is no going back. Indian spices have so much variety and the dishes are so unique and extensive that one lifetime is not enough to try all of them. But the one dish that displays Indian cuisine at its finest is the Biryani. Whether it is the North Indian Lucknowi Biryani or the South Indian Hyderabadi, this dish is out of this world. A blend of countless spices, basmati rice, tender meat(chicken or lamb ) and saffron makes it one of the most complex and delicious dishes of the world. It was a favourite of the Mughal kings and yes, it is a dish fit for kings.

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