Being a vegetarian is not easy in today’s world and being a vegetarian body builder is even more difficult. With all the Arnolds and the Ronnies gorging at their chicken, eggs (as their Non-Vegetarian sources of protein) and supplements you can only sit and think if your Protein rich vegetarian diet can match the protein contentof non-vegetarian diet.

So Guess what ? You can beat them right away with a vegetarian diet! Well..not beat them to be precise but you can wallow in the self-satisfaction.

Here’s a list of

Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

Because at some point of your life, you’ll definitely think of muscle gain.

1. Organic Milk

8 grams protein per cup

                So if it’s milk then it has to be organic. That too from grass fed cows. It has a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acid and a muscle building Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Less in fat and more in protein power, it’s the perfect food to start your day with.

Not just Raw Milk, you can also get same amount of protein from Milk/Dairy products such as Cheese & Yogurt which are also good sources of protein.

2. Soybean

36 grams in 100 grams

                Also known as vegetarian’s chicken and meat. With a massive protein content, it is a staple for the vegan bodybuilder.  It also is a source of a number of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your health. With a low fat content it is perfect for those who wish to cut down on fat without losing much weight.

3. Green Peas

7.6 grams per cup

                The legume family has a lot of protein, so much so that it can be called the ‘protein’ family. One such legume is the Green pea. Blend the green pea with a olive oil and cheese and serve it over brown bread to have a perfect breakfast.

4. Quinoa

8 grams per cup

                The quinoa is a simple but awesome food. It contains a high level of protein and also all nine essential amino acids. You can literally add it to anything, from soup to rice to cereal, quinoa blends in perfectly. So eat quinoa daily so that your body can recover quickly from anything strenuous.

Also, Quinoa is one of the healthiest breakfast food. Check out other foods in this cateory.

5. Beans

8-13 grams per cup

                Beans are above all among all sources of Protein. Beans which are loved by almost everyone. Vegetarian or not, you will love beans. Because they are healthy and taste awesome when cooked properly. Its high level of protein and other essential nutrients make it perfect for your lunch.

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