Fruits can be called the safest of all foods. Delicious, easily available and rich in nutrients, they are the King (or Queen, sorry feminists) of food. People who wish to cut down of some fat are always in a fix. They can never be sure if a certain food is good for weight loss or not.

Burning belly fat is not the easiest job and many a time conventional food never helps you reach your goals. All those fat burners and weight loss supplements at times have no effect at all. You will still have your tummy bulging out of you belt. But with fruits, with their natural nutrients, you can be sure that they will have an effect.

Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1. Avocado

Avocados can be a bit confusing. They are supposedly the fattiest of all fruits and many a times people avoid them. But what they do not know is that this fruit tops the list of metabolism boosters. Yes they consume energy/calories better than any fruit. It also contains essential mono saturated fats which are extremely healthy for your body.

But you need to take care that you do not overeat on these. The effect will be totally opposite to what you desire.

2. Apples

All hail the apple! The sweetest of them all as well as an efficient burner of fat. It is high vitamin C content also makes it very nutritious. Its high fibre and low calorie content makes it a good snack when you are hungry and want to keep those calories in check.

Its detoxifying effect aided by its antioxidants will help in the cleansing of your body and will give you a fresh and vibrant look.

3. Grapefruit

Not many know about the grapefruit and that makes us very sad. Just because it is absolute killer of fat. It hates fat just like Robert Plant hates Stairway to Heaven. It will find fat and kill them brutally. It also takes a large amount of energy to digest this fruit.

Thus you can burn calories just by sitting and eating this delicious fruit.

4. Pomegranates

A glass of pomegranate juice a day keeps the doctor away. Well if the doctor is a pretty lady/ handsome hunk you can skip it. But then you will be all fat, unhealthy and unattractive. So it’s a lost opportunity. Pomegranates have always been hailed as a healthy food and filling too. Its enzymes burn fat faster than you burn your steak while cooking it.

Having it for breakfast or along with any other meal for that instance ensures a healthy day of eating.

5. Tomatoes

Yes my friends, the tomato is a fruit. People who still believe it’s a vegetable will be sent straight to hell. Though it is a fairly unconventional fruit (for instance, it is totally not tasty when eaten raw), it the healthiest of them all. Though excess consumption may lead to kidney stone which can be extremely painful. The omega acids in this “fruit” helps metabolism and clears constipation. Having a tomato influenced dinner increases the fat burning rate as you sleep. In the case of tomatoes, the redder they are the more fat they burn.

One should understand that Fruits are an essential portion of your diet as you wish to maintain your fitness. Many people ignore the diet component as they embark on the journey to a flat belly. Eat healthy eat safe.


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