Working out is the current trend or as they say the swag of today. A number of people have grown health conscious and fitness crazy over the years and this is a good news. Staying in shape not only keeps you healthy but also makes you feel confident and good about yourself. A basic workout comprises of cardiovascular warming up, weight training and warming down.

Combined with a good diet, your routine is the basic mantra for a fit physique. But not all of us do it the right way, especially weight training. Random workouts without the correct method or form might do more harm than good. Let us have a look at a few mistakes one does while working out.

Workout without a plan

Some people just want a physique like Arnold on the first day itself. They lift every weight possible, hit every machine possible and never get up from their beds again.

There’s always this one person who just will do everything possible. He would even run on all four treadmills, ride all seven cycles and all twenty five cross trainers. Okay that was a bit too much, but the real scenario is not too far off.

Always work with a proper plan. See how your body responds to different exercises and always start slow. Never go all out in the beginning even if its cardiovascular training or weight training.

Always consult your trainer before beginning. They are there to guide you, not make you feel bad about your own physique.

Excessive cardio

Cardio is a wonderful thing. It gets the gears of your body in motion, gets you warmed and pumped up. It helps you perform your weight training with more freedom. But some go over the top and run for 30-45 minutes. This drains your body of all essential electrolytes and soon enough you will collapse of dehydration.

Excessive cardio also hinders any kind of muscle growth and builds up cramps which are extremely painful.

Losing fat is a goal but you won’t lose all of it in one day. Cut down on the cardio when you have a heavy weight lifting day or carry a good sports drink to replenish your body salts.

Not maintaining proper form

Weight training is amazing isn’t it? That feeling of your muscles all pumped up and bulging out of your t-shirt is divine. But if you do not lift without maintaining some form then you will regret it. One day you will either tear your muscle or your connecting tissue and it is not a joke.

Good form guarantees a good workout as it maximises your output. It gets the most out of your muscles and increases your workout efficiency. Bad form and all the effort goes waste.

Maintaining good form not only means being stable while working out but going through the full range of motion for that exercises.

Lifting excessive weights

Never lift more than you can. It destroys your form and does no good for your muscles. You also never go through the full range of motion which renders all the effort a big waste. Lift those huge dumb bells all you want, shout and scream while you are at it, your muscles will only feel tired instead of worked out.

The better way is to start small, get used to a certain weight and then increase gradually.

We know, we know that Arnold tells you to shock your muscles as soon as you start working out. But he is Arnold and this advice is for competition level bodybuilders. Not for a beginner. Shock your muscles if you want a one way ticket to the hospital.

Ignoring a proper diet

They say 70% of the path to getting a good physique is completed with a good diet and they aren’t wrong. Your body needs on an average, 55-60 g of protein normally. This amount almost doubles up as soon as you start lifting those weights. The process is simple. Muscle breaks while working out, protein helps repair the muscle and if your protein intake is good the repair process is quicker. In short muscle gain is quicker. Diets are different for different goals. And there are hundreds of different combinations of diets for different physiques, metabolisms etc.

Know your body, know its needs and devise a diet preferably with the help of a dietitian. There is no sure shot formula for a good diet. It varies from person to person.

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