You need to know few body weight exercises if you have faced this situation below.

You go to the gym, all pumped up with headphones blaring ..hoping for best gym session ever.But as you enter the gym, everyone is on every single machine.

Now you search desperately for dumbbells but he only ones remaining are the 2.5 kg ones. So you rush to get them, because something is better than nothing after all. Then a skeleton like boy grabs it before you can and curls them as if it is the last day on earth.

Yes this is a problem for every budding gym guy.

But not to worry. Who needs weights and machines when you have these ?

Best Body weight exercises

1. Push Ups

(Mother of Body weight exercises )
man doing push-ups in gym

The mother of all exercises. If you want those killer and huge pectorals, this is the best body weight exercise. It puts stress on your shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps. Talk about an all in one exercise. If you do your push ups well you are a guaranteed a lot of core strength and you will be ripped in no time.

2. Pull Ups

Father of Body weight exercises
man doing pull-ups in gym

The father of all exercises. The pull up is the most underrated and neglected exercise of all time. The pull up strikes literally all the muscles of the body and is perfect for building those large arms and wide shoulders. It also tones your chest and massively improves your back strength.

3. Plank

boy doing plank in gym

Another core building exercise. If you are able to hold the plank for more than two minutes, it surely is a good indication of your core strength. It also helps tone your arms, neck and helps build those concrete abs. It also increases the strength of your shoulders as we need a lot of shoulder stability to do the plank.

4. Inverted Row

man doing inverted row in gym

There is no better bicep curler than the inverted row. First of all, you are pulling your entire weight from a parallel or decline position just by your arms. It is also an amazing exercise for wide shoulders and pectorals. So your motto is “oppose gravity to build more muscle”.

5. Burpee

This is the favourite exercise of fitness specialists who wish to burn fat. Every muscle from head to toe is worked by the burpee. Calves, thighs, core, chest, arms, shoulder, back every muscle is toned by this. If you begin your workout with a heavy bout of burpees, it would certainly do wonders to your fitness regime.

There you go!…now you will never need a single dumbbell or machine again to get shredded. But follow these rules to ensure that your workout is error free and is on the right tracks.

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